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Hero Manager is a feature added in v2.4.0.0 Patch, which locates in God's Miracles. Here you can use Prana Gems to level up heroes and ascend legendary chest heroes, except James
Blank Disaster

MAX (LV99)
Damage Icon: 126(-114)Health Icon: 524(-474)
Stand of Legendary

Attack pierce up to
6 enemies

which are purchased from One-Time Offer in Shop.

For each hero rarity, the cost of resources would be different:

  • Common: 1 Prana Gems Icon
  • Rare: 3 Prana Gems Icon
  • Legendary: 12 Prana Gems Icon
    • Developer: 750 Universe Marbles
  • Ascended: Required 100 Ascension Sphere Icon to ascend and the cost is as the same as the current level to level up (e.g leveling from 5 to 6 cost 5 Ascension Sphere Icon)

Heroes obtained from completing Quests or received from an event can also be leveled up using Cosmic Coins, at the same rate as Prana Gems.

Leveling StrategyEdit

All chest commons should be maxed first. Commons are known as the high-drop-rate hero in Treasure Chests, and when a common is maxed, it will no longer come up in Treasure Chests or Hero Chests, that would be mean you can level random rares and legendaries without any cost of Prana Gems Icon Prana Gems. After maxing all commons, you should begin to level rares, all of them, so the chest will only drop legendaries only, which you can save up to 12 Prana Gems Icon.

On the side of Quest heroes, commons is also recommended to maxed first. This will help you in reaching some low levels of Daily Quest (about 35 - 45) or completing a low page quest so you can obtain a higher rarity hero.

Patch HistoryEdit

  • v2.9.6.0:
    • James remake now it's levelable.
  • v2.7.2.0:
    • Move seer heroes after primordial.
    • Remove non-own season heroes.
  • v2.7.1.0:
    • Leveling quest heroes with Cosmic Coins.
  • v2.6.1.0:
    • Leveling One Time Offer heroes is no longer impossible. (James excluded)
  • v2.4.0.0:
    • Added.

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