Experiment is a feature added in the v1.4.0.0 patch. It's used to collect huge amount of energy with three selections of time: 1 hour, 4 hours and 12 hours. The longer you experiment for, the higher energy gained. The energy you gain from experiment is proportional to the Maximum Production in the stats, not the current production.

The experiment process can be quickly done by spending 250 Universe Marbles.

Name/Species Phase 1 (Less than 50% the way through) Phase 2 (More than 50% the way through) Done
Tree Planting (Caveman) Tree Planting 0 Tree Planting 1 Tree Planting 2
Diamond Mining (Human) Diamond Mining 0 Diamond Mining 1 Diamond Mining 2
Moon Conquering (Prostheticman) Moon Conquering 0 Moon Conquering 1 Moon Conquering 2
Sun Farming (Geneticman) Sun Farming 0 Sun Farming 1 Sun Farming 2
Star System Creating (Robot) Star Creating 0 Star Creating 1 Star Creating 2
Nebula Creating (Posthuman Galaxy Creating 0 Galaxy Creating 1 Galaxy Creating 2
Spaghettification (Entity) Spaghettification 0 Spaghettification 1 Spaghettification 2
GaiaByte Tree Growing (Primordial) GaiaByte Tree Growing 0 GaiaByte Tree Growing 1 GaiaByte Tree Growing 2
Vortex Day (Seer) Vortex Day 0 Vortex Day 1 Vortex Day 2
Hand Reaching (Guardian) Hand Reaching 0 Hand Reaching 1 Hand Reaching 2
Metaversal Symbiosis (Mastermind) Neuron Firing 0 Neuron Firing 1 Neuron Firing 2
Ascendance Recharging (Creator) Atom Creating 0 Atom Creating 1 Atom Creating 2

Patch HistoryEdit

  • v2.4.2.0:
    • Add Claim All button.
  • v2.2.0.0:
    • Experiments are available after human evolution.
  • v2.0.2.0:
    • New species's experiment added
  • v2.0.1.0:
    • Show cancelation Pop-up when the you spend more than 5% of the time of experiments
  • v1.5.0.0:
    • Add cancel button to Experiments
  • v1.4.0.0:
    • Added

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