Energy Orbs

Energy Orbs is the new Tower Defense-type minigame added in v2.7.0.0 Patch.

You have a 10x10 grid, on which the enemy path is displayed. The enemies are orbs. To kill them, click in the empty squares around the path to plant collectors. Click the collectors repeatedly to increase their charge. Once their charges are all spent, the collector disappears.

There are 3 types of enemies:

  • The standard orb: Normal HP, Normal Speed
  • Speed orb: Low HP, Extreme Speed
  • Hard orb: High HP, Very Low Speed

Upgrades Edit

Icon Name Description
EnergyOrbsConstructor Constructor "Redesign your map"
EnergyOrbsBatteryEngineer Battery Engineer "Increase max Charge"
EnergyOrbsClickMaster Click Master "Increase charge by x click"
EnergyOrbsTheCollector The collector "Increase attack"

Patch HistoryEdit

  • v2.7.2.0:
    • Upgrade TD due to works in non-focus window
  • v2.7.0.0:
    • Added