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  • Overview: A device uses wind motion or particles movement to convert to rotational energy is called Wind-based Generation. There are 6 tiers of buildings:
Windmills Tier 0
  • Device that generates energy from the motion of air.
Requirement 100 Population - Invent Windmill
Base Cost Energy Battery 6.25 M (6.25E6)J
Base Production Power Icon 810W
Windturbines Tier 1
  • Same principal as the windmill, but improved by modern technology.
Requirements Level 150 - Invent Windturbine
Space-Wind Gather Tier 2
Space Wind Gather
  • Extracts energy from high-energy particles generated by objects in space.
Requirements Level 650 - Invent Space Wind Gather
Eternal Inflation Mill Tier 3
  • Eternal inflation is a hypothesis that states the inflationary period from near the Big Bang lasts forever, effectively creating a multiverse.
Requirements Level 1,150 - Invent Eternal Inflation Mill
Ultimate Ensemble Tier 4
Ultimate Ensemble
  • AKA the Mathematical Universe Hypothesis - proposes that every aspect of reality can not only be described by math, but in fact is math.
Requirements Level 1,750 - Invent Ultimate Ensemble
O'clock Fusion Tier 5
O'clock Fusion
  • A structure meant to generate energy above time itself.
Requirements Mechanical DimensionMechanical Dimension visited and Level 1,751 - Invent O'clock Fusion