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  • Overview: A device uses water flow or streams (fast running water) to derive to energy is called Water-based Generation, which may be harnessed for useful purposes such as irrigation, human consumption, industrial use, aquaculture, and navigability. It is also known as the uses of hydrogen's isotopes decay energy which composes Water. There are 6 tiers of buildings:
Watermills Tier 0
  • Device that generates energy from the motion of water.
Requirement 50 Population - Invent Watermill
Base Cost Energy Battery 14,000J
Base Production Power Icon 108W
Hydroelectric Plant Tier 1
Hydroelectric Plants
  • Same principal as the watermill, but on a larger scale and improved by modern technology.
Requirements Level 100 - Invent Hydroelectric Plant
Tritium Generators Tier 2
Tritium Generators
  • Tritium, or hydrogen-3, is moderately radioactive.
Requirements Level 550 - Invent Tritium Generator
Quadrium Unit Tier 3
Quadrium Generators
  • Quadrium (hydrogen-4) is virtually nonexistent and highly unstable.
Requirements Level 1,050 - Invent Quadrium Unit
Neutrium Core Tier 4
Neutrium Core
  • A hypothetical atom made of neutrons, with no protons.
Requirements Level 1,650 - Invent Neutrium Core
Chroma Core Tier 5
Chroma Core
  • Extracts energy from the interactions between pure color.
Requirements Colors DimensionColor Dimension visited and Level 1,651 - Invent Chroma Core