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  • Overview: A companion, a partner, a helper or something brings variety of uses or benefits to human is called Versatile Being. There are 6 tiers of buildings:
Dogs Tier 1
  • Canis lupus familiaris; believed to be the first animal domesticated by mankind.
Requirement Discover Domestication
Base Cost Energy Battery 620J
Base Production Power Icon 54W
Horses Tier 2
  • Equus ferus caballus; a large and powerful animal with a wide variety of uses.
Requirements Level 50 - Domesticate Horses
S-Joys Tier 3
  • Multipurpose robots, meant to outdo every animal breeds.
Requirements Level 450 - Invent S-joy
G-avis Tier 4
  • A helpful A.I. that's only energy.
  • Stands for GaiaByte: Advanced Versatile Intelligent System.
Requirements Level 950 - Invent G-avis
I-gsai Tier 5
  • An omniscient A.I. that encompasses the cosmos.
Requirements Level 1,550 - Invent I-gsai
Lucy Tier 6
  • An affable and useful companion native to the Candy dimension.
Requirements Candy DimensionCandy Dimension visited - Create Lucy