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  • Overview: A space habitat* is a type of space station, intended as a permanent settlement rather than as a simple way-station or other specialized facility. There are 5 tiers of buildings:
Stanford Torus Tier 0
Stanford Torus
  • Stanford torus is a torus-shaped space habitat, rotating to provide artificial gravity for the inside of outer ring via centrifugal force.
Requirement ProstheticmanProstheticman evolved and 300 Population - Invent Stanford Torus
Base Cost Energy Battery 5.039 T (5.039E13)J
Base Production Power Icon 116,640W
Dyson Spheres Tier 1
Dyson Spheres
  • Dyson Sphere is a megastructure that encompasses a star, capturing most of its power output.
Requirements Level 350 - Invent Dyson Sphere
Quasar Spheres Tier 2
  • A dyson sphere encompassing a quasar, an astronomical object consisting of supermassive black hole surrounded by accretion disk of gas.
Requirements Level 1,050 - Invent Quasar Sphere
Blazar Sphere Tier 3
  • A dyson sphere encompassing a blazar, a variety of quasar.
Requirements Level 1,550 - Invent Blazar Sphere
Matrioshka Brain Tier 4
Matrioshka Brain
  • A Matrioshka Brain is a dyson sphere functioning as a supercomputer of immense power.
Requirements Level 2,150 - Invent Matrioshka Brain