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  • Overview: A device uses particle-scale reactions to produce abundant energy source is called Reactors. There are 6 tiers of buildings:
Fission Reactors Tier 0
Fission Reactors
  • Produces energy by splitting heavy atomic nucli, generating radioactive waste in the process.
Requirement HumanHuman evolved and 200 Population - Invent Fission Reactor
Base Cost Energy Battery 7.739 G (7.739E10)J
Base Production Power Icon 9720W
Fusion Reactor Tier 1
Fusion Reactors
  • Clean and efficient energy source that smashes small atomic nuclei into larger ones - the same process powers the sun.
Requirements Level 250 - Invent Fusion Reactor
Antimatter Core Tier 2
Antimatter Core
  • Antimatter and matter destroy each other when the meet, producing enormous amounts of pure energy.
Requirements Level 850 - Invent Antimatter Core
Alice Matter Core Tier 3
Alice Matter Core
  • Extracts energy from Alice, or mirror matter - a hypothetical counterpart to normal matter, with strange properties.
Requirements Level 1,350 - Invent Alice Matter Core
Quark Matter Core Tier 4
Quark Matter Core
  • Extracts energy from the esoteric interactions between quarks.
Requirements Level 1,950 - Invent Quark Matter Core
Subatomic Core Tier 5
Subatomic Core
  • Extracts massive amounts of energy at a subatomic level.
Requirements Subatomic DimensionSubatomic Dimension visited and Level 1,951 - Invent Subatomic Core