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  • Overview: A lifter may refer to a process of removing or rescinding matter from any entities, objects or even space-time. There are 5 tiers of this building:
Star Lifters Tier 0
Star Lifters
  • Star lifting refers to a process of removing matter from star for another purpose, possibly also optimizing star's lifespan.
Requirement ProstheticmanProstheticman evolved and 400 Population - Invent Star Lifter
Base Cost Energy Battery 1.394 T (1.394E14)J
Base Production Power Icon 466,560W
Black Hole Lifters Tier 1
Black Hole Lifters
  • A black hole is a remnant of a star that is so dense, not even light can escape its gravitational pull.
Requirements Level 400 - Invent BlackHole Lifter
Multiverse Lifters Tier 2
  • Multiverse is a hypothetical structure consisting of more than one universe.
Requirements Level 1,150 - Invent Multiverse Lifter
Megaverse Lifters Tier 3
  • A Megaverse is a hypothetical set of several Multiverses, similar to how the Multiverse encompasses several universes.
Requirements Level 1,650 - Invent Megaverse Lifter
Omniverse Lifter Tier 4
Omniverse Lifter
  • A fictional structure that encompasses not just space, but also time.
Requirements Level 2,250 - Invent Omniverse Lifter