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  • Overview: Exotic Gather is the process of exploiting energy or using exotic matter* - a matter that somehow deviates from normal matter and has "exotic" properties. There are 5 tiers of buildings:
Dark Matter Gather Tier 0
Dark Matter Gather
  • Dark matter is a hypothetical variety of matter that does not interact with electromagnetic radiation and can be observed only by its effects on its surroundings.
Requirement GeneticmanGeneticman evolved and 500 Population - Invent Dark Matter Gather
Base Cost Energy Battery 2.961 T (2.961E14)J
Base Production Power Icon 1.399 M (1.399E6)W
Dark Energy Gather Tier 1
Dark Energy Gather
  • Dark energy is unknown energy hypothesized to be across the entirety of space, with tendency to accelerate the expansion of the universe.
Requirements Level 450 - Invent Dark Energy Gather
Exotic Matter Gather Tier 2
Exotic Matter Gather
  • Exotic matter refers to matter that deviates from normal matter and has "exotic" properties.
Requirements Level 1,250 - Invent Exotic Matter Gather
Alice Matter Gather Tier 3
Alice Matter Gather
  • Alice matter, also known as mirror matter or shadow matter, is a hypothetical counterpart to ordinary matter, not to be confused with antimatter.
Note This used to be second tier building instead of third tier building.
Requirements Level 1,750 - Invent Alice Matter Gather
Strange Matter Gather Tier 4
Strange Matter Gather
  • Strange matter is a type of matter consisting of strange quarks in addition to the familiar up and down quarks, making it one of the most stable known substances.
Requirements Level 2,350 - Invent Strange Matter Gather