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  • Overview: Generally speaking, Energy Gatherers are machines or inventions that use to exploit energy from natural factors. There are 5 tiers of buildings:
Solar Panels Tier 0
Solar Panels
  • A device that can utilise the energy of the sunlight hitting a planet.
Requirement HumanHuman evolved and 250 Population - Invent Solar Panel
Base Cost Energy Battery 1.663 T (1.663E12)J
Base Production Power Icon 38,880W
Solar Satellites Tier 1
Solar Satellites
  • By moving solar panels outside the atmosphere, many obstructions are removed and thus their efficiency is increased.
Requirements Level 300 - Invent Solar Satellite
Cosmic Satellites Tier 2
  • When satellites are upgraded to new levels, they can now harvest cosmic energy.
Requirements Level 950 - Invent Cosmic Satellite
Multiverse Pod Tier 3
  • A unit that contains multiple universes that are meant to make energy.
Requirements Level 1,450 - Invent Multiverse Pod
Wormhole Extractor Tier 4
  • Wormholes are non-trivial structures linking separate points in spacetime.
Requirements Level 2,050 - Invent Wormhole Extractor