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  • Overview: Drives mean methods, engines or vehicles that used in traveling from space to space. There are 6 tiers of buildings:
Steam Engines Tier 0
Steam Engines
  • Generates kinetic energy from the motion of boiled water; more or less began the Industrial Revolution.
Requirement HumanHuman evolved and 150 Population - Invent Steam Engine
Base Cost Energy Battery 9.588 G (9.588E9)J
Base Production Power Icon 2430W
Combustion Engine Tier 1
Combustion Engine
  • Utilizes easily-stored fuels that are burned instead of steam that must be boiled, allowing for more compact engines.
Requirements Level 200 - Invent Combustion Engine
EMP Drives Tier 2
EMP Drives
  • Controversial device that is claimed to have generated thrust with an electromagnetic field in a closed environment, thus breaking conservation of momentum - evidently, in this universe, it worked.
Requirements Level 750 - Invent EMP Drive
Supraluminic Drive Tier 3
Supraluminic Drive
  • Faster-than-light travel - the Alcubierre drive is the most plausible method that we know of.
Requirements Level 1,250 - Invent Supraluminic Drive
Tachyonic Drive Tier 4
Tachyonic Drive
  • Utilizes tachyons - hypothetical particles that always travel faster than light.
Requirements Level 1,850 - Invent Tachyonic Drive
Hydro Drive Tier 5
Hydro Drive
  • Water behaves is multiple purposes in the Aquatic dimension, providing a massive amount of energy.
Requirements Aquatic DimensionAquatic Dimension visited and Level 1,851 - Invent Hydro Drive