New Big Crunch

Big Crunch is a concept that describes the ultimate fate of the universe which will be collapsed into a small point or as known as singularity. Later then it will start reformation of the universe starting with another Big Bang. In short, Big Crunch leads into a new Big Bang[1].

Just like we see in Cosmos Quest, Big Crunching will restart the game. Unlike hard reset, Big Crunch (soft reset) doesn't erase your game progress, like if you had never played. You will be obtained omegas which used for Omega upgrading and multiply your production. Big Crunch feature is located in the Species tab.

Big Crunching with multiplier over x1.5 will reset Anti-Particle grid. It also keeps dimension you've visited from the last jump if you already visit the Inception dimension, unless it'll be gone.

Patch HistoryEdit

  • v2.2.0.0:
    • Followers are active after first big crunch
  • v1.8.0.0:
    • New visual effect is made.
      Big Crunch

      Old Big Crunch

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  1. Big Bang - A concept states how a universe is born.